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  • 1 Individual Sachet of Black Horse Extra Vital Honey.

    If you're looking for a powerful blend of honey to "blowout her back out" this is the one.

    This honey is one of the strongest we offer! Limited Supply!

    Limited Quantity! Purchase while available!

    We will add 1-2 Free Sachets to your Order for completing payment using one of our alternative payment methods. *Orders must be 3 sachets or more to qualify for free gift sachets.

    1. CashApp - Send payments to $Rhmarketplace with Order # or Name on order.

    Black Horse Vital Honey (Royal Honey), the name says it all. It's an Ultimate Supplement to increase Vitality in every way. From general health to sexuality, Black Horse Extra Vital Honey has it all! Black Horse Honey is very similar to Kingdom Royal Honey in strength and effects.

    For Every 1 quantity is one sachet. So if you wanted 3 individual sachets you would enter “3” in the quantity amount.

    Black Horse Vital Honey Extra - Individual Sachets 10g *Running Low*

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